I’m back!!

Not that so many people noticed I was even gone. I’m just showing my wife that I already HAVE a blog, I just need to start using it again.


Top Gear

With all of the brouhaha about whether Jereny Clarkson is or is not a prat, my wife and I have been checking out the OLDER (1995 and earlier) Top Gear episodes, and I have a question.  Are you Brits REALLY that boring that the pre-Carkson version was so immensly popular?? It’s so sleep inducing it should come with a warning!!!  At least we are now aware from whence Jeremy’s humorous references to adenoidal people commenting on cars arose.

Driving me crazy!!!

Here in the enlightened (?) state of Kansas, they have passed one law of which I absolutely approve.  As of January 1, it is illegal to write, send, or read a text message while operating a motor vehicle.   Here in Manhattan, they’ve taken it a step further.  It is illegal to use a cell phone- period– while driving.  So why do I still see so many rolling phone booths?  What call can be SO important that you find the need to place yourself and others at risk?  I can only think of One Person from whom such a call would be so absolutely necessary, and He doesn’t need to use a cell phone.  Although talking on one while driving may make such a conversation more likely!!

Also here in Manhattan, Riley County EMS has a relatively new ambulance.  It has more lights on it than the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  It makes enough noise for four fire trucks, three ambulances, two police cars and the combined bands of the United States Military.  It’s easily half again the size of the older ambulances.  SO WHY DO PEOPLE STILL NOT GET OUT OF ITS WAY??!!?  They can’t see it?  They can’t hear it? If they’re that visually and auricularly disadvantaged, they have no business driving.

Now for our word of the day:  PEDESTRIAN.  noun. 1. a person who goes or travels on foot; walker. –adjective. 2. going or performed on foot; walking. 3. of or pertaining to walking. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pedestrian

This does NOT include bicycles!!  Bicycles, I learned in U.S. Army Military Police Traffic Accident Investigation School, are “traffic units.”  Therefore, bicycles, mopeds or motored scooters have no business in pedestrian crosswalks!!  They are NOT protected by the magic shield that keeps REAL pedestrians safe within that bubble.   I will accept skates (in-line & others), skateboards, non-powered scooters, wheelchairs and any animal that can be led on a leash (not reins or a halter.)  Conversely, pedestrian crosswalks are there for the safety of those who by choice or otherwise are afoot.   Being within 50 feet of a crosswalk does not count.  Walk yourself down to the designated safety zone!!  Pedestrians outside of such areas have another name—“targets!”

Greetings to my many fans!

I know, it’s been 5 whole days since I’ve done anything here. I likewise know my goal was one post per day for the year. So??

I’m back, not that I actually WENT any where. Call off the search, have the National Guard stand down, and quit worrying– both of you.  I have several starts of posts saved, and I’m always looking for ideas.  Scary thought, ain’t it?  Me with ideas??

Here I am again.

 It’s approaching 11:00 PM, and I haven’t written anything on my blog.  I suppose these days happen, but when you’re trying to write something every day to develop a routine, it’s frustrating!  Aw, what the hell.


I’m certainly glad that I wrote that last post.  It was very healthful, even if I did sound a little whinier than I intended.  I had never really gone through the whole process of “How We Lost Our Home”, and now I’ve written a new school year theme on the subject for my Creative Writing Seminar monitored by Ms. HeatherGreeneyes

I feel the need to write further, however, because of a comment I received on another forum to a similar posting.   Someone asked me “Did you expect someone else to help you get it fixed?”

I don’t any anyone to think that I don’t feel ultimately responsible for what happened.  I could have gone to my family for assistance, and did as a stop gap measure a couple of times.   However, when it came down to it, I finally told them “I made this bed, and now I need to lie in it.”  I should have realized that they were merely feeding out the rope from which I would eventually would find myself dangling.  I thought I was smart enough to get through it.  I had no idea. 

What irritates me is they gave me no quarter when I asked for help or tried to explain my circumtances to them.  They didn’t care.  Why should I now care that business pratices they went to school to learn have now failed them?  Why should my tax dollars be used to help them when they weren’t available to me? 

There was a federal grant program advertised here for people who needed assistance with home repairs.  However, we always were just outside of the income range–  we made TOO MUCH money to qualify.  Now these clowns with their gas-guzzling land yachts want schlemiels like ME to bail them out?

Is this a great country or what?

A Public Service Announcement About Removing Tires

I have noticed a fair number of people finding my little corner of the blogsphere by searching for “getting a tire off of a GEO Metro” or “hammer as tire removal tool” or “brute force VS. explosives in tire removal”.

Before any of you get too involved with an ATF investigation while upsetting your neighbors, let me assure you it IS possible. 

The person at the Midas shop to whence I took my ailing Metro said that sometimes the rim on this model will rust around the center, causing it to stick to the suspension:


Geo Metro Wheel

Geo Metro Wheel

He figured my WD-40 soaking and driving it to the shop loosened it sufficiently to facilitate removal. 

Personally, I still think the car was laughing at me.