First off, are you aware of the battle we are having here in Manhattan, KS over the gender identity ordinance??  It is now OFFICALLY illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual preference or sexual identity.  For example, you cannot refuse to rent to someone simply because they are gay, or because someone was born named Matthew but decided she was really Rachel– like my daughter. 

Now knowing which side of this argument I am on, when this moron showed up at our church’s monthly church Men’s Breakfast and started trying to “tell us the truth” and “convert” us,… well like Popeye “That’s all I can stands, `cause I can’t stands n’more!!!”

Oh I tried to ignore him.  God knows I did, because we were in the church basement.  But in addition to his bilious rhetoric, this breakfast is a time for fellowship, bad jokes, and man talk without all the drinking and obscenity.  He was ruining it, and I was less than pleased.

Several people present thought they had seen me angry before.   Now they really have.  Even now I’m starting to shake writing this.  I don’t remember many of the specifics.  I know I gathered up the sheets of Old Testament verses he put on the table and turned them face down, which made him angry.  I know I quoted the New Testament to him, probably at a decibel level not heard for some time.  In some ways I feel responsible fore the spate of recent earthquakes.  I ordered him to leave– he said he didn’t have to. 

I left the room before I laid hands, my cane, a chair and possibly a table or two upon him.

When I came back, he was gone- escorted out by the rector.  The next day I heard he was in the street during the 8 AM service, howling trying to disrupt things.  Just as well I missed church that day.  I have no idea what I might have done, but I feel it would not have been pleasant.  


One thought on “Fruitcakes

  1. Right on Brother Bill. Even though I live in CA I never have worked for/with/or worked for me more alternate lifestyle folks as I did there in Manhattan. I think they worked on my team because I was not prejudicial in any way on he subject. Sure I made mistakes with calling them the wrong gender but they did not take offense at it as I did my best to correct myself. Ron was one of the best bosses I ever had. The list goes on and on. CFight the good fight Brother Bill


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