Driving me crazy!!!

Here in the enlightened (?) state of Kansas, they have passed one law of which I absolutely approve.  As of January 1, it is illegal to write, send, or read a text message while operating a motor vehicle.   Here in Manhattan, they’ve taken it a step further.  It is illegal to use a cell phone- period– while driving.  So why do I still see so many rolling phone booths?  What call can be SO important that you find the need to place yourself and others at risk?  I can only think of One Person from whom such a call would be so absolutely necessary, and He doesn’t need to use a cell phone.  Although talking on one while driving may make such a conversation more likely!!

Also here in Manhattan, Riley County EMS has a relatively new ambulance.  It has more lights on it than the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  It makes enough noise for four fire trucks, three ambulances, two police cars and the combined bands of the United States Military.  It’s easily half again the size of the older ambulances.  SO WHY DO PEOPLE STILL NOT GET OUT OF ITS WAY??!!?  They can’t see it?  They can’t hear it? If they’re that visually and auricularly disadvantaged, they have no business driving.

Now for our word of the day:  PEDESTRIAN.  noun. 1. a person who goes or travels on foot; walker. –adjective. 2. going or performed on foot; walking. 3. of or pertaining to walking. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pedestrian

This does NOT include bicycles!!  Bicycles, I learned in U.S. Army Military Police Traffic Accident Investigation School, are “traffic units.”  Therefore, bicycles, mopeds or motored scooters have no business in pedestrian crosswalks!!  They are NOT protected by the magic shield that keeps REAL pedestrians safe within that bubble.   I will accept skates (in-line & others), skateboards, non-powered scooters, wheelchairs and any animal that can be led on a leash (not reins or a halter.)  Conversely, pedestrian crosswalks are there for the safety of those who by choice or otherwise are afoot.   Being within 50 feet of a crosswalk does not count.  Walk yourself down to the designated safety zone!!  Pedestrians outside of such areas have another name—“targets!”


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