I started off to write about snow days, but decided it had all been said. No school, sledding, hot chocolate, shoveling, moronic drivers, walk-to-school-uphill-both-ways-chased-by-hungry wolves, pesky kids, blah blah blah, so I stopped.

Then I thought I’d write something further about the Arizona shootings and the “vitriolic rhetoric” backlash, but then I realized I’d just be adding to it. Besides, I despise writing about politics or anything vaguely political.
I could write about how much I used to like winter and snow and cold only to trail off into a whining complaint about my back/fingers/knees/hands, but I still LIKE winter and snow. Maybe I don’t get out and sled or build snowmen like I used to, but I do still prefer winter weather. Besides, I don’t want to sound any more like a grumpy old fart than I already do, as well.
I have a couple of partially finished quasi-philosophical postings, but I want to work on them more. Their subject matter deserves better than this kind of wrangling rambling rant I’ve been writing recently. I could do a post about not writing something, but how unutterably sad would that be to sit and electronically scribble about my own lack of imagination and inspiration??


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