Federal judge dead, congresswoman among 12 wounded in shooting

  Well crap.  A U.S. Representative who wants to meet with real, non-special interest people and she gets shot for her efforts, along with several others.  So many “Representatives” never leave The Beltway until elections, and when one does, this happens.  I don’t know if I agreed with her on all topics or not, but she was making the effort to stay in touch with her constituency, and that, in my book makes her special. 

  I know, the shooter was “mentally unstable”– who isn’t??  I’m not the poster child for rational thought, nor am I noted for being the most tolerant of people to those I perceive as being “wrong” (i.e., disagreeing with me.)  This is why I usually do not discuss politics– with anyone.  It’s the only way Mary and I have stayed together for so long.  Those who have seen me in action at work or elsewhere know exactly what I mean. 

  However, I have never resorted to violence on any level.  It’s simply not worth it.  What, precisely, does it accomplish?  I’ve heard many people say someone ought to shoot “Reverend” Fred Phelps because they think  he is an infected hair follicle on the face of humanity.  Will people stop hating because one man is dead?   Extremist abortion opponents kill the doctors and blow up clinics to save unborn babies.  Oh, yeah, I see the logic there.  Kinda like the “peace activists” of the 1960’s who set off bombs to oppose the war.  Say what?

  I’m just too bummed to add anymore to this.


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