How many idiots can dance on the point of a pin?

  A philosophical question, to be certain.  Usually phrased as “angels” and “the head of a pin.”  However, it’s my blog, and if I’m gonna make it idiots, I don’t want to make it too easy for them.  The more that fall off, the better.

  Now we come to the definition of  “idiot.”  Everyone has their own personal definition, but I think they all boil down to any person who is having trouble seeing things as logically and sensibly as you are at any given time.

  For example, the driving idiot who doesn’t understand that you got perfect marks in Driver’s Ed, so of course you know the correct way to drive, and they obviously do not.  Or the political idiot, who is so obviously wrong they must realize it, but they refuse to agree with you out of pig-headedness.  How about the religious idiot, arrogantly trying to convince you of the error of YOUR ways!! 

  I think I’m finally near a point here, so I’d better make it.  We are all idiots at one time or another.  It’s been impossible to avoid since the gates of Eden closed behind us.

  I warned you this would occasionally be the stream of consciousness ramblings of a curmudgeon.


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