A post a day

I despise New Year’s Resolutions.  I usually want nothing to do with them.  So let’s not call this a “resolution.”   Rather, let’s call it a commitment, or a recurring task.

However, I was reminded recently that I had this blog sitting out there, gathering cyber dust and world-wide cobwebs.   It seemed inordinately convenient to take the first day of the year to visit my poor creation in an effort to establish a daily writing habit.  Heaven only knows to what this may lead.  

If you’re expecting grand philosophical pronouncements on the affairs of the day,  you may actually get some of that, depending on how well you can wade.  I don’t as a rule like writing about politics, but I won’t rule it out.  More likely, you will find the curmudgeonly random stream of consciousness ramblings and quarter baked ideas of  a middle-aged crack pot.

So check back, if you care,  or even if you dare.  It’s you sitting in the chair reading this– or not.  My nasal appendage shall not lose any epidural matter one way or the other.


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