Humbug! BAH!!

If ever there was a holiday to which I can honestly say “Humbug! BAH!!” it’s New Year’s Day!  What a non-holiday. A new year begins, IF you follow the current Julian Western calendar. As another friend proposed in one of his sermons, why? Why now??  Why at all?? 

I think at one time someone felt depressed at the end of the Christmas Season, and decided to extend it by having ANOTHER reason to party!! Granted some may feel the need to eat, drink and drink some more at the prospect of surviving the remainder of winter– I don’t.

New Year’s Resolutions are just another excuse to feel guilty at having failed.  That’s what Lent is for.  If we gave people a day off to recover from over-indulging not much would get accomplished.  To paraphrase my friend Ebenezer Scrooge, they’re not paying you to be forever on holiday!!

I see no need for a state-sponsored/religiously approved Bacchanal every year.

Humbug!  Bah!!


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