This is addictive

Now it’s been 30 days since the green-eyed devilchallenged me to start my own blog.  I used to think blogs were pathetic exercises in narcissism by geeks in desperate need of a life transfusion.  I can still see examples of those within the blogosphere, but I’ve also seen ones with intelligent conversations useful discussions.   It reminds me of the early days of the Web.  There were a lot of web sites put up that were a waste of bandwidth, but the worthwhile ones survived. 

Will mine survive?.  Probably, simply because I’ve become addicted to writing like this.  I really don’t care who reads this it, or if anyone even does.  I write the way I always USED to- just for.  My e-mails at work used to be legendary, until they told us to make everything more “professional.”   If I can find a way to protect the innocent, I’ll post one of my favorites (which I was not allowed to send.)  Now I’ve found another outlet for my ranting and expressive side. 

Maybe more good things will come of this– and all because an old friend updated her e-mail.  Synchronicity.  Great album- freaky feeling.


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