Be Careful what you Ask For

Last Wednesday, Bailey went in to be groomed.  It had been a couple of months, and she was beginning to look somewhat “scruffy.”

Bailey pre-groomer

Bailey pre-groomer

OK, DECIDEDLY “scruffy.”  Anyway, it was determined that she needed to visit the groomer, and an appointment was made. 
Now, you must understand that, in matters of style and/or design, I leave that all to my wife, Mary.  When she met me, I was buying all of my clothes from Farm & Fleet: fleece-lined corduroy jacket; harness boots; REAL denim blue jeans; and flannel lumber-jack shirts.  I thought it all looked just fine.  Flannel shirts are STILL banned from my wardrobe.  So it is that I rarely make any decision on appearance without consulting her.
Life was simpler in the Army.  Not only did I not have to THINK about what I wore, because it was all out-lined for me,  but everyone wore their name on their uniform.   This is a tremendous boon for someone who wins easily at Trivial Pursuit but can’t remember the names of people with whom he has worked for years.  But I digress.
So it was that I called Mary at her office from the groomers to ensure that I had her instructions correct in my head.
“How did you want Bailey’s hair?” 
“Short,” was her reply.
“Didn’t you want some particular style or something?”  I asked.
“I don’t know, you know, SHORT!”  were her instructions, which I passed along to the groomer. 
Bailey Post-Groomer

Bailey Post-Groomer

Mary said when she picked her up she almost didn’t recognize her.
So as I said in the title of this post:  be CAREFUL what you ask for- you just might get it.  Bailey probably won’t need a haircut now much before Thanksgiving. 

One thought on “Be Careful what you Ask For

  1. > Flannel shirts are STILL banned from my wardrobe.

    You obviously married an intelligent, high-class gal. Flannels are only good for working on farm equipment or hunting trips.

    I don’t think Baily looks that bad. But then, I wouldn’t have given her a haircut in the first place.

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