Common Sense VS. Quality Assurance

(See Rich McLafferty’s on my blogroll for this posts inspiration.)  Once again, the nail has been roundly struck headwise by Rich McLafferty.  Quality Assurance is supposed to guarantee the CUSTOMER has a quality experience.  You remember them- those funny people on the other end of the phone??

 I remember a call where the customer knew she had the wrong department; she just wanted to be transferred. Great call- nice & short. I failed the QA because I didn’t hit all of the required phrases, and because I didn’t upsell. Fortunately my supervisor at the time not only had common sense but also had also monitored that particular call, and was able to immediately appeal and correct the score.

I’ve seen QA agents go back out onto the floor, only to be terminated because they were worthless as CSR’s. They could talk the talk but not walk the walk. At least now where I work, QA agents are required to take a certain amount of calls per month.

Common sense would correct many of the issues I see in call center life. A cell phone client requiring 300 agents to be available on Christmas Day has no bearing on logic. (However, the center did get a good cleaning that season.) A computer manufacturer requiring a sale on every call leads to unnecessary, incorrect or incompatible parts being sold and shipped by Customer Service agents who really don’t know anything about computers. Otherwise, a customer would not have been sold a memory upgrade for their portable computer and received RAM for a desktop.

And even before I got into call centers, there was a newspaper that began to push the readers as “customers”, and hired writing coaches. One of the reporters sniffed “If they can’t understand my writing, they need to go back to school.”  You will note that “dead tree” newspapers that ignore this precept are now in decline.


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