Sorry, but that’s the way I feel tonight.  For two magic beans I wouldn’t go back to that job again if I could help it.  No backing, no clear leadership, no allowance for the people who KNOW what’s going on to actually perform their jobs.  In a crisis situation, all of the managers are too busy trying to show how THEY can handle it rather than allowing those who are SUPPOSED to handle it do so.  It’s like hospital administrators criticising a surgeon’s suture technique.  They don’t really know what they’re talking about, but they don’t want to appear inept, so they do SOMETHING.  Never mind that the people whoare SUPPOSED to be controlling call flow are being ignored and not even consulted.  We finally told agents not to even bother to call and ask us, because everyone else with a radio had the situation well in hand.  Of course, there was no co-ordination, and some were doing one thing and others were doing the opposite, but never mind– they management had the situation well in hand. 

And the wonder why my attitude stinks.  I tell them I don’t have an attitude problem- I have the attitude, THEY have the problem with it.

The local Animal Control Officer makes more than me.  Maybe next time they advertise I should go for that.


One thought on “Bleah!

  1. I’m honestly surprised you stay in MHK. That town is so difficult to get a decent job no matter what your connections or talents are. Honestly, it is one of the most depressed places I’ve seen in a long while.

    And, you have yet to send me your 2nd draft of your resume so I can help you out.

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