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Comment: I want pictures of the guy at the service station fighting the tire off
 of Pickle Chip.

Much as I truly hate to disappoint Heather, there ARE no pictures of the guy at the service station wrestling the tire off of Pickle Chip. There are many reasons for this:

1.  I didn’t take Pickle Chip to a service station (careful, you’re dating yourself of you even REMEMBER “service stations”!) I took him to Midas.

2.  I refuse to get a camera phone, and do not routinely carry my digital camera with me. That’s OK, however, because I was at work at the time.


After I had slaved in the hot sun trying to remove the goofy thing, getting it nice & loose for him and slathering it with enough WD-40 I should qualify as an investor I the company, it popped right off.

Of course, I suppose he could have been pulling my leg, or the mechanic might not have wanted to look like a doofus who couldn’t even get a tire off of a car, but that’s their story and their stickin’ to it. Anyway, I had them replace the axle part that was causing all of the tire wear, which was the primary reason I took Pickle Chip to Midas. Besides, they understand why it takes two keys to drive him- one to open the door, and half of one to use in the ignition because the OTHER half is still broken off inside of the switch. Remember – 40 miles per gallon.


3 thoughts on “Sorry- No pictures

  1. *laugh* My last car, my little blue Plymouth Sundance that you might be familiar with also had a few issues with the key:

    1. The key didn’t come out.
    2. I could only turn the key to get the battery power to the switch, but not actually turn it far enough to start the car.

    To start the car, I had to turn the key to turn on the battery power and then hotwire the car to get the starter to turn over. In the end, I installed a button on the dash to do this so I wouldn’t have to deal with the wires. So the process was, turn the key to turn on the battery and then push the button.

    I got 205,000 miles out of that car though and only stopped driving it when someone rear-ended me and I could not longer get insurance for it. Gotta love a car that is paid off though. Particularly if it gets 40 mpg.

  2. Actually, I’ve TRIED to leave comments. I currently have an e-mail waiting from “Heather @” (that’s not YOU is it?)
    According to them:

    That (your) blog is a blog. logins are different
    from Since that user has set his or her preferences to
    require a login to comment, you will need to create a

    Now hold the phone- I’ve left comments before!! This is a new wrinkle.

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