OK, NOW I’m peeved!

There I was, happily making an entry for my  blog, and I was JUST ABOUT finished, when I get this error message apologizing for the “routine maintenance”, and to just hit “REFRESH” on my browser to get back to the page where I was.  So Iwent off to play with the puppy, and when I returned ansd hit “REFRESH”, I’m brought back to an EMPTY NEW BLOG PAGE!

I’ve worked in different types of call centers or other jobs where I had to take calls.  As a matter of fact, I just came from work where I had to tell agents we had a queue, and if their computer needed to be rebooted because their on-line tools didn’t work, they still needed to take calls and apologize to the customers for the delay while”Our Systems Update.”  So I KNOW that song and dance!!!  Remember this if you ever call somewhere and they give you that line.  I.T. probably dumped a soda on the server or is playing WOW.

Ad here is what I was trying to upload when we all got into the hand-basket:


They're neck and neck!!
They’re neck and neck!!



Hope it at least made you laugh!


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