Diabetes sucks

I am so tired of worrying about everything I eat, everything I do, everything in general.  I wanna be able to see a Snickers Bar and eat it.  I want Circus Peanuts.  I want my Mom’s rhubarb cake, which took mass quatities of sugar to make the rhubarb palatable. 

I’m tired of being a human pin cushion.   I take five injections of two different types of insulin  a day, and that doesn’t include the oral meds or the blood testing.  I’m forced to eat lunch, which has been a meal I had little use for over the years- it always seems to interrupt the flow of the day.  But if I DON’T, the reaction is serious, if not deadly. 

I wanna whine, and it’s MY blog, so I’m going to!!!!  I realize there are other more serious disorder out there, but right now, I wanna kvetch about this one.  There’s an old Army saying: “The most important foxhole in the war is the one you’re in.”  Well, this is mine, and for right now, it really sucks.


2 thoughts on “Diabetes sucks

  1. I have all kinds of cookbooks, recipes and supplements- I was just really pissed when I wrote this. A low blood sugar victim is often mistaken for being drunk. When blood sugar goes low, a person can get irrational, disoriented and irritable- in extreme cases; they can slip into a diabetic coma. Mine had gone low just before I left work, and only a leftover piece of birthday cake made me able to drive home. So this was written at a time when I was still recovering from that, and I was pissed off at having to hassle with it anyway. There is NO HANGOVER like the hangover from a low-blood sugar recovery, and I’ve had some doosies in my day.
    When I was first diagnosed (a week before Christmas in 1995- bummer!) we went to classes, and they told Mary to watch if I started acting strangely, as it may be a symptom of a low blood sugar. She said, “How could I tell?”

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