Résumé Blues

Heather (aka: green-eyed devil) has been critiquing my résumé.  She wanted to know my definition of the ideal job. I told Heather: “The job I had with NCRwas as close to ideal as I’ve come. I had my own Company vehicle and my own tools. I was the “hired gun” fixer who was called in when things needed doing, and I rarely dealt with the same people on a day-to-day basis. It was great. Lots of “windshield time”- my area went from Marysville to McPherson to Concordia. Facing different problems every day.”

So Heather, being an inquisitive sort, asked:   “What happened with the NCR job?”

  NCR laid me off in a size reduction move: “Last hired, first fired.”  This AFTER they had announced that the lay-offs would not afect “customer-facing positions.”  I guess I kept my back to the customers.

  I’ve spoken with some of my former colleagues- they consider me lucky.  Some have had their wages reduced, or when their seniority raise was due NCR changed the rules so they didn’t get one.   Their areas have increased but their travel pay has reduced, if not disappeared.  It sounds to me like NCR is on a downhill slide, so perhaps it’s best I “got out” when I did.  That was why I spent a year trying to be a computer contract worker.  I actually did a few jobs with former co-workers and was paid a higher rate.  The problem was it was TOO few.
  We’d love to move.  A couple of years ago Mary had a conference in Colorado Springs, so I took some vacation and drove out to it with her.  I always knew if I got her to the mountains, it’d be hard getting her back to Kansas.  Last summer, we went out to visit our …,daughter Rachel ,… in Avon, Colorado- just west of Vail.  She loved Colorado Springs, but fell in love with the Continental Divide.  I’ve looked in Boulder, but mostly they want “local applicants only.”  I think they’re afraid of getting ski bums looking for a place to hang out during The Season. 
  Why Boulder??  Mary works with the Degree-Audit Reporting Program (DARS) in the Registrar’s Office at K-State.  The University of Colorado is in Boulder, and they use the same system.  We figure it’d be easier for her to find a job with the university there, if we move. 
  I have my résumé on HotJobs, Monster, Military Hire and a couple of other veteran-specific job sites, as well as with the Government’s Office or Personnel Management.  I get lots of hits, but they’re either for places I don’t want to move (Florida comes to mind) or require skills/education/experience I don’t have.  Or maybe they just can’t see them because of my résumé.
   Those I DO fit, I put in for and never hear again.  This in particular is beginning to really irritate me.  I don’t know if they arrived, if they considered it, or if it hit the trash before they even tried to pronounce my name. 
  Gee, this turned into a rant.  A lot of my e-mails do.  Maybe I should post it to the blog.
GED:  “Post it to the blog and let ‘er rip.”  So here it is.
  By the way, I don’t really think of Heather as a “devil”, per se.  There was an incident involving forks on the campus of Kansas State University, but none of them were pitch forks.   I refer to her explanation of her screen name, found here.

2 thoughts on “Résumé Blues

  1. The “forkians”, gathering around the sculpture outside of the Chemistry building?? They looked just like plastic forks, and they were gathered in the ground at the base of what appears to be a giant fork stuck in the ground handle first. The forkians were stuck tines down, in homage to The Great Fork. I wasn’t PRESENT at this, but I was told later on my one of the participants (with green eyes) who was responsible.
    Just like the purple handprints on the street sign and street by the Episcopal Church downtown. Just before I heard from you, co-incidnetally, Mary commented that your “hand”iwork was just about worn off.
    Synchronicity- great album, freaky feeling.

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