Hello?  Anybody out there??  I have avoided blogs ever since I first heard of them but I have been “called out” by a certain green-eyed devil, so I guess I’ll learn this new trick. 

My Avatar!!

My Avatar!!


  OK, so MAYBE I don’t look EXACTLY like Duke from Boondock Saints, but I feel like I’m pretty close.   There are other resemblances.  I once had a .sig file on my e-mail at work that read “Noted Kansas Crack-Pot and Crack-Shot– It pays to be one if you’re gonna be the other!”  They felt it was too violent.

Since the Green-Eyed one cheated yesterday by putting in the video of “The Last Lecture”,  I shall treat you to one of my favorite poems:

Ode to Drosiphillae

(or Beezelbub’s Children)


by Bill Sier

I despise flies!

I don’t need any hows or whys,

I just know I despise flies!

I don’t need any alibies;

Because EVERYone despises flies.

I hate their many thousand eyes!

I hate the way they fill the skies

‘Round sugar bowls, and fresh-baked pies!


In fact, I would even surmise

That other FLIES despise flies!

This would come as no surprise!

In closing, let me summarize,

My salient point: I despise flies!

Copyright 1997 William J. Sier

As one Phillistine/critic put it, “You had too much time on your hands in 1997.  WAY too much time.”  I think he was just jealous.


One thought on “Uh,…

  1. Awesome! I’m glad to see this. I think you’ll find a bit of yourself that has been crying out for attention.

    You need to take the time to watch this video. It’ll give you great hope:

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