One a day

Sheesh!  I feel like I should be taking a vitamin or something.  Seeing as how I’ve only got two hours left to write something, I’d better do it or I’ll hear about it- she’ll probably give me a blast with her air horn, once she gets it working. 

I COULD rummage around in my files and find another existing example of my genius, but where’s the fun in that??   I have a poem which actually got published on its own merit (albeit to no pecuniary advantage) , and I have some lovely rants.  I know– I’ll explain why one of my nicknames at work is Fluffy!

I’m not known for my cheery disposition at work.  It has a lot to do with the fact that I have Stupidity Intolerance Syndrome.  If you’re going to call in sick, DON’T have your kid in the background asking when you were all going to Wal-Mart.   If you’re going to use a class schedule as an excuse for a custom work schedule, make sure that the classes you are taking ACTUALLY INTERFERE with the work schedule that you have.  Likewise, if you are this person’s supervisor,  READ WHAT THEY’RE SUBMITTING BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!

Actually, people who work with me regularly get to see my better side, but these morons keep messing up my day.  So, occasionally, I have been known to get a wee bit “snippy” with them.   Co-workers can sense the steam rising from my head, and it can look like a scene from a western where everyone knows there’s about to be a gun fight as they run for cover. 

Oe of my co-workers came across the image below, and decided it looked a lot like me just before an explosion.

Fluffy- Destroyer of Worlds

Fluffy- Destroyer of Worlds

He was so proud of it, he started calling me Fluffy.  Now whenever I send him anything, I sign it “Fluffy.”  I like Fluffy better than what he used to call me, which was “Sunshine.”  There are still a few who call me Sunshine, but I’ve pointed out that if I’m a sun, I’m a Black-Hole Sun.

  I’m also called Santa, but that’s another post.  Let’s just say there’s a little girl in Manhattan, KS who belives Santa vacations there- because he told her so.


One thought on “One a day

  1. Posting will get easier the more you do it. And then, you’ll long to write just to ‘get it out’. I’ve found it a great stress reliever when I have to deal with stupidity as well.

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